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St-Germain is the first liqueur in the world created in the artisanal French manner from freshly handpicked elderflower blossoms.

Please do not enter this site if you are not of legal purchase age for alcohol in your country of access. And remember to drink responsibly.

If you are of legal purchase age for alcohol, view the St-Germain Collection.

  • Tote Bag
    Tote Bag

    Can one accessory solve the age-old conflict between utility and style in one fell swoop?

    $18.00 View
  • Mini Carafe
    Mini Carafe

    Can one guarantee kudos from one’s guests every time one mixes a St-Germain Cocktail?

    $7.00 View
  • Postcards

    Can a collection of vintage French postcards change one’s entire reputation?

    $5.00 View
  • Spoon Straws
    Spoon Straws

    Which rather ingenious bar tool will improve one’s taste in cocktails forever?

    $12.00 View
  • Tie Clip
    Tie Clip

    How might one adorn oneself if one’s personal dress code is “dashing and refined”?

    $25.99 View
  • Recipe Book
    Recipe Book

    Is it possible to become an expert St-Germain mixologist from the comfort of one’s maison?

    $5.00 View
  • Bicycle

    Do the French care about the manner in which they go from Point A to Point B?

    $1,000.00 View
  • Large Carafe
    Large Carafe

    If there is a perfect tool for every job, what is the perfect tool for delighting one’s guests?

    $12.00 View
  • How to Drink French Fluently
    How to Drink French Fluently

    How to Drink French Fluently is a complete guide to joie de virve, featuring cocktail recipes and musings on drink culture from some of America's best bartenders. Organized by time of day, this guide holds more than 30 cocktails featuring St-Germain.

    $19.99 View