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Le Marché Collection

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  • Tote Bag
    Tote Bag

    Can one accessory solve the age-old conflict between utility and style in one fell swoop?

    $18.00 View
  • Mini Carafe
    Mini Carafe

    Can one guarantee kudos from one’s guests every time one mixes a St-Germain Cocktail?

    $7.00 View
  • Postcards

    Can a collection of vintage French postcards change one’s entire reputation?

    $5.00 View
  • Spoon Straws
    Spoon Straws

    Which rather ingenious bar tool will improve one’s taste in cocktails forever?

    $12.00 View
  • Tie Clip
    Tie Clip

    How might one adorn oneself if one’s personal dress code is “dashing and refined”?

    $25.99 View
  • Recipe Book
    Recipe Book

    Is it possible to become an expert St-Germain mixologist from the comfort of one’s maison?

    $5.00 View
  • Bicycle

    Do the French care about the manner in which they go from Point A to Point B?

    $1,000.00 View
  • Large Carafe
    Large Carafe

    If there is a perfect tool for every job, what is the perfect tool for delighting one’s guests?

    $12.00 View